5 on Tech

Here is this week’s top 5 stories in tech!

The Next Front of Wearables – TechCrunch

What will the next wave of wearables look like? What impact will wearables have in the workplace?

Google is Using Synthetic Skin to Help Create an Early Detection System for Cancer – The Next Web (@strngwys)

The Life Sciences Department at the Google X Labs has been developing an early detection system for cancer!

2015: The Year of the Technologically Engaged Patient – Wired (@amybphd)

Big data and wearable technology will continue to provide us with valuable insights into our own health, habits, and much more.

Can Students Have Too Much Tech? – The New York Times

Technology can bring great benefits to the classroom, but it is important to understand the implications that technology can have on students’ ability to learn.

Future of Healthcare: Sensors Will Lead to Highly Personalized Care – The LA Times (@renelynch)

Rene Lynch discusses how wearable technology and improved data insights will revolutionize the the healthcare industry.

5 on Health

Take control of your health! This week’s ‘5 on Health’ is focused on improving your nutrition.

15 Diabetes-Friendly Vegetarian Recipes – Health (@muhTHIGHess)

A healthy diet is key to controlling your blood sugar. These vegetarian recipes are sure to keep any diabetic or health nut happy.

How to Boost Your Vitamin D Intake in the Dead of Winter – Mashable (@Katmarwong)

Vitamin D is essential for your immune system and can help improve your mental and emotional health. With a lack of sunlight in the winter, try these tips to boost your Vitamin D.

4 Cardinal Rules for Healthy Snacking – Eating Well (@RMNutrition)

Who doesn’t love snacking? These tips can help you stick to your diet, while still enjoying your snack time.

6 Myths About Nutrition and Health – Boston Globe (@JeremyCFox)

There are a lot of misconceptions about nutrition and health. These debunked myths can help you refocus your health and fitness goals.

8 Dietition-Approved Snacks for Your Super Bowl Party – POPSUGAR

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it’s time to plan a healthy way to snack for the big game. These snack recipes will help you stick to your diet!

5 on Productivity

Get your week started off right! The top 5 productivity stories of the week:

Time Matters – Huffington Post (@OfficialStedman)

Stedman Graham discusses the importance of time management. It’s not about managing a schedule, but about managing your mind.

9 Rarely-Mentioned Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Productivity – Self Hacked

This in-depth article covers 9 not so common methods that can improve your productivity. The author discusses many tricks and tips that have helped him in his life.

5 Ways to Stay Focused at Work – Startup Collective (@marjoriejadams)

Marjorie Adams, owner and CEO of a successful business shares 5 simply daily habits that can increase your productivity and give you more control over your day.

6 Ways to Better Manage Your Focus and Improve Your Productivity – Entrepreneur (@JeffBoss9)

Jeff Boss shares 6 ways that you can get more rest and renewal in your daily routine. By taking care of yourself you can become more productive and effective in your endeavors.

4 Tips for Productive Mornings – Work Awesome

If you’re not a morning person, these simple tips may help you get your days started right.

5 on Tech

This week’s top 5 stories in tech:

Is this the Earnest, Fast-Paced Future of Science Communication? – Wired (@jj_marlow)

The way we communicate today has changed drastically in the last hundred years. From letters to the telegraph to text messaging, what does the future hold for the way we communicate?

How Technology Will Revolutionize Education For Poor People By 2030 – Business Insider (@peterajacobs)

The Gates Foundation believes that the next 15 years will be revolutionary for education systems in developing countries.

Microsoft Unveils Windows Holographic, HoloLens Wearable – The Next Web (@ow)

Microsoft’s new holographic headset makes holograms appear in real life. This augmented reality device is a big step in the wearable tech industry.

Privacy and Security in the Internet Age – Wired (@AnchorFreeDavid)

With the recently popularized security breaches and cyber-attacks, David Gorodyanksy discusses the importance of privacy and security in the age of the Internet.

3D Printing Could Create World’s First Bionic Man – Forbes

Advancements in 3D Printing could have groundbreaking improvements in how people utilize technology. What could you do with bionic body parts?


5 on Health

This week’s health, fitness, and nutrition stories to help you live a healthy lifestyle!

It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Exercise If You Also Do This – Time (@AliceParkNY)

Research suggests that sitting too much can hinder the benefits of exercise. Simply exercising for an hour a day may not be enough to counteract a sedentary lifestyle.

Practical Nutrition: Add More Plant Proteins To Your Diet – Richmond Times (@MaryJoSawyer)

Substituting some of your meat dishes with plant proteins can have great benefits on your health, including a lower body weight, and reduced risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

You’re Thinking About Fitness All Wrong – The Washington Post (@mjmplunkett)

Changing your mindset about fitness can help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. Keep your New Year’s resolutions going with these tips from Mike Plunkett.

Back to Basic Exercise: Push-ups, Squats Hot Again – USA Today (@KimPainter)

Bodyweight exercises are low cost and low maintenance; not to mention that they are effective for anyone from athletes to those new to fitness.

How to Prepare Healthy Foods Without Ruining Their Benefits – Huffington Post

Buying healthy foods is not enough, preparation matters. Preparing your food the right way can make sure you get all of the nutrients of healthy foods.


5 on Productivity

Get your week started off right with these 5 stories to help you be more productive!

8 Productivity-Enhancing Tips for Teams – Inc. (@MurrayNewlands)

You’ve built your dream team, now its time to get the most out of them. Murray Newlands provides 8 ways to do just that.

How To Stay Focused And Withstand Unlimited Distraction – Saent Productivity (@timmetz)

Tim Metz discusses the underlying problems regarding our inability to focus and handle distractions. This article will help you think about focus in a different way and develop initiatives to improve it.

5 Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity Levels – Entrepreneur (@MaTt_MaYbErRy)

Matt Mayberry shares his experiences and habits that have helped him improve his productivity and transform his life.

What’s Up With That: Your Best Thinking Seems to Happen in the Shower – Wired (@StocktonSays)

This article by Nick Stockton gives an interesting perspective on why some of your best ideas and innovations happen in the shower. Take a little of his insight to become more productive.

2 Simple Hacks to Improve Your Fitness and Productivity at the Same Time – Venture Beat (@ferenstein)

Improve your cognitive performance and productivity by working on you fitness and getting outdoors. Just a small amount of fitness can work wonders for your brain.


5 on Tech

Get your weekend started with this week’s top stories in tech!

The Future Of Wearable Technology Is Not In Wearables – It’s In Analyzing The Data – The Guardian (@SamuelGibbs)

The power of wearables is not the devices themselves but what can be done with the data. Better analytics and insights are what’s going to change the wearable industry.

Astronomers Harness Machine Learning to Better Understand the Universe – Dataconomy (@eileenamcnulty)

Astronomers are gathering large amounts of data about stars through computer algorithms to gain more information on their size, composition, and basic features.

Google Wants Self-Driving Cars on the Road in 5 Years – Mashable (@rexsantus)

Google is working with many big name auto companies to help make self-driving cars a thing and hopes to have the vehicles ready for production by 2020.

Microsoft is Teaching Cybersecurity to Cities Around the World – For Free – Wired (@klintron)

People, Organizations, and Cities everywhere rely on information systems to operate, which are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Microsoft is looking to teach cybersecurity around the world to help people protect themselves.

CISPA: The Awful Anti-Privacy Law That Won’t Prevent Another Sony Hack – Gizmodo (@adamclarkestes)

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is back. Adam Clark Estes’s article discusses the major flaws with CISPA and why it won’t protect anyone.

5 on Health

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Top 5 Health Stories of the week. This week is packed full of articles to help you lose weight and improve your overall health!

11 Benefits of Green Tea – Lifehack (@CiaraConlon)

Green tea has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. Ciara Conlon discusses several benefits of green tea that you might not know.

New Year, New Brain: 11 Exercises to Sharpen the Mind – MindBodyGreen (@LisaWimberger)

Your mind needs to stay fit just like the rest of your body. Keep your brain healthy and engaged with these tips from Lisa Wimberger.

6 Ways To Improve Your Sleep – @JasonFerruggia

Sleep is crucial for recovery, fitness, and brain and immune system functioning. Use these tips from Jason Ferruggia to improve your sleep and improve your wellness.

13 Reasons To Start Lifting Weights – The Huffington Post (@sarklei)

Strength training provides a number of benefits such as weight loss, disease prevention, and improved mood. It is something that should be incorporated into anyone’s exercise routine who is looking to lose weight and improve their overall fitness.

23 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar – A Fitness Journey (@myfitjourneys)

Apple cider vinegar has many practical and medicinal uses that can benefit you. From cleaning properties to detoxes to weight loss, apple cider vinegar is full of ways to improve your health.


5 on Productivity

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! We’re back with our ‘5 on Productivity’ segment, here’s 5 stories to help increase your productivity this week.

One Simple Way For Management to Boost Productivity – Psychology Today (@VictorLipman1)

This simple concept from Victor Lipman can help you become a more productive and effective manager.

Want to Be Successful? Stop Slacking Off. – Entrepreneur (@SteveTobak)

Becoming successful takes a lot of time and hard work. If you want to become successful you have to stop slacking off!

7 Important Lessons Learned Last Year, And How They Can Help You Too – Pick The Brain

Diana from Pick The Brain shares some of her experiences from last year and the lessons she has learned in order to help you improve your life and make better decisions in the new year.

15 Bad Habits Which Always Destroy Your Productivity – Lifehack (@theorderexpert)

It’s possible that you may diminishing your productivity without even knowing it. If you find yourself prone to one of these habits, you may want to reconsider how you work.

Can Office Artwork Influence Employee Productivity? – Forbes (@DrewAHendricks)

Business owners are beginning to understand the effects that workplace decor and aesthetics have on their employees’ productivity, efficiency, and creativity. Drew Hendrick’s article discusses several positive aspects artwork in the office can have on your business.

5 on Tech

Our Friday segment of our ‘5 on’ series is focused on technology and innovation! Lets cut to the chase, here are the Top 5 Tech stories from the week:

What do we do with all this big data? – Ted Talk (@setlinger)

Susan Etlinger’s awesome Ted Talk discusses how important it is for us to deeper our critical thinking skills when it comes to big data.

The Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2015 – Harvard Business Review (@webbmedia)

Amy Webb and her colleagues did quite a lot of analysis to identify a few likely trends in 2015!

How Quantified-Self Will Redefine the Future of the Enterprise  – Wired (@RyanTFuller)

The rise of the Internet of things and big data have led to a lot of insights on individual health and fitness; but what does this mean for enterprise?

The Ideas and Breakthroughs That Will Shape the World in 2015 – PopSci

Popular Science’s 10 ways science and engineering will shape the world this year. From offshore wind-power to virtual reality, 2015 looks to be a promising year.

Surely, Cybersecurity Must Have Your Attention Now – TechCrunch (@ron_miller)

From the recent Sony and Bitstamp hacks, it’s apparent how vulnerable many companies are to cyber attacks.