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Self-Driving Cars Are Legal, But Real Rules Would Be Nice – Wired (@adavies47)

Self-driving cars have always been legal, but as automakers and companies like Google get closer to making this technology available to the public there will soon be a problem with the lack of policy and regulation with self-driving cars.

Google Expands the Information it Discloses in its Transparency Reports – The Next Web (@jackidove)

Google is now adding emergency disclosure requests and preservation requests from foreign governments to the list of information it discloses in its transparency reports.

Tinkergarten is Using Technology to Get Kids Back Outdoors – TechCrunch (@sarahintampa)

A startup called Tinkergarten is offering a platform that creates play-based learning classes for children that take place in parks and other green spaces.

90% of All New American Mothers Are Millennials, And They Buy Things Differently – Mashable (@PatrickKulp)

This new generation of mothers is creating quite the stir amongst marketers. These mothers buy things differently than previous generations and they have the potential to completely shake up industry.

Smartphones Can Detect Eye Cancer – The Verge (@jjvincent)

Retinoblastoma is a form of eye cancer that almost exclusively affects young children. It creates a tumor in the retina that can be picked up by the flash of a smartphone’s camera.

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21 Reasons to Eat Less Sugar That Have Nothing to Do With Losing Weight – Greatist (@HollyBeilin)

Let’s face it, sugar is in many of the things we eat. It’s also full of empty calories that can lead to weight gain, amongst other things. By cutting back on sugar you can lose weight and see a number of other health benefits.

The Workout You Should Do When You Don’t Have Time to Exercise – Men’s Health (@SheSeesFit)

Some days it can be tough to fit a workout into your schedule. Consider this workout, which only takes 5 minutes and can help you burn some calories quick.

The Best Brain Exercise May Be Physical – The Chicago Tribune (@Juliedeardorff)

Physical fitness plays an important role in toning our legs and biceps and strengthening our hearts. But it also affects the way our brains develop and function.

7 Things Fitness Experts Wish You’d Stop Doing in the Gym – Yahoo Health (@amyrushlow)

Certain exercises tend to be more effective, efficient, or safer. These 7 exercises may be unsafe or unproductive to your fitness goals. Consider the suggested alternatives to incorporate into your workout.

How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants – The New York Times (@UpshotNYT)

It is not always easy to eat healthy when eating out. Most restaurants are not designed to be healthy. However, these tips show that it is possible to eat healthy and tasty meals at restaurants.

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15 Productivity Hacks for Procrastinators – Lifehack (@MMussersmedius)

Let’s face it, we all procrastinate at some point or another. It’s easy to do. Not to worry, these tips can help you get out of that procrastination rut and onto being a productive person.

The 3 Worst Things You May Be Doing When Setting Goals – Entrepreneur (@Xanderschultz)

Setting goals is easy. However, research suggests that there may be some methods for setting goals that are better than others.

Top 5 Reasons Reviewing Your Goals is a Must For Your Success – Pick The Brain (@braddevore_up)

Frequently reviewing your goals can be crucial to your success. It can be easy to lose sight of where you what you want to accomplish with your head head stuck in the mud.

11 Tricks to Increase Your Productivity – PC Mag (@jilleduffy)

The key to productivity is making the most of your time. These tips can help you maximize your time and increase your productivity in both the short and long term.

Two Awesome Hours: Strategies For Peak Productivity – Forbes (@Kruse)

We are all busy people and often have multiple deadlines to meet at any given time. These strategies can help you meet these deadlines in a timeframe that works for you.


5 on Health

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The Most Effective Cardio Workout for Your Body – Men’s Health (@adamcampbell1)

Don’t predetermine the length of your workouts! Utilize a heart rate monitor to let your body tell you how long to workout for. Interval training can prove to be incredibly effective for your body.

5 Nutrition Concepts You Shouldn’t Take at Face Value – Huffington Post (@JanetHelm)

Nutrition is not always black or white; many of the common things we hear about nutrition are not always accurate. Here are some misconceptions about nutrition that will help you better understand your own dietary needs.

3 New Fitness Trends to Nix Boredom and Spice Up Your Workout – TODAY (@LindaMelone)

Summer can bring a lot of fun to our lives, but also to our workouts as well! Consider these 3 unique exercises to pump up your workout this summer.

The Cure for Brain Diseases Is in Your Gut – The Daily Beast (@DavidPerlmutter)

Diseases such as Parkinson’s and ALS might be linked to inflammation in your gut. These are two of the most devastating diseases for humans, for which we have no cure.

One Month With a Treadmill Desk Beats Sitting Still – re/code (@KatieBoehret)

Face it, humans weren’t meant to sit at a desk all day long. However, LifeSpan’s treadmill desk enables you to walk while you work, which of course has incredible health benefits associate with it.


5 on Productivity

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7 Things Successful People Do Differently to Reach Their Dreams – Pick The Brain

Many of has have dreams and goals, but many of us also fail to turn these dreams into reality. These habits and behaviors can help you reach your dreams.

5 Simple Ways to Recover the Lost Art of Productive Meetings – Entrepreneur (@JeffBoss9)

Meetings typically have a purpose, but sometimes they can go awry. There are many reasons this can happen, but these 5 tips can help ensure that this doesn’t happen to your next meeting.

11 Books to Make You Lead a Much More Productive Life – Lifehack (@PMPhacks)

Learning to be productive can come from a variety of sources. Some people hire coaches, while others learn from experience. Books are also a great way to learn to be more productive and this collection should prove useful.

8 Business Practices That Increase Productivity – Entrepreneur (@peterdaisyme)

Businesses often turn to certain tools in order to keep their workforce productive. These 8 suggestions are sure to help increase productivity in the workplace.

7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Achieve Better Success in Life – Inc. (@salubriousdish)

These findings from several different scientific studies can help shed some light on what achieving more in life actually takes.

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Amazon Reveals Just How Huge the Cloud is for Its Business – Wired (@CadeMetz)

Amazon’s cloud is a $4.6 billion business and it may be what defines its future as a company. Amazon may become a cloud company that does online retail and not the other way around.

iFixit is Tearing Down the Apple Watch As We Speak – The Verge (@345triangle)

With the recent release and popularity of the Apple Watch, iFixit has taken to tearing it apart to see just what’s inside. It’s not complete, but they are posting their progress online.

Comcast Confirms That Its Merger With Time Warner Cable is Dead – TechCrunch (@anthonyha)

Following opposition from the Justice Department and the FCC, Comcast has decided to drop its plans to merge with Time Warner Cable.

VR Meets Nanotech to Make ’80s Cyberpunk Dreams Come True – Wired (@klintron)

Nanotronics Imaging, a company backed by Peter Thiel, is looking to combine virtual reality with nanotechnology. This will change the way researchers and manufacturers produce nanoscale materials.

5 Amazing Discoveries Made Using the Hubble Telescope in the Past 25 Years – Mashable (@mirikramer)

The Hubble Telescope has been an incredible piece of technology! Here is a look at 5 incredible discoveries that the Hubble Telescope helped facilitate in the last 25 years.

5 on Health

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7 Steps to Becoming a Morning Exerciser – Shape (@JESSICASMITHTV)

It can often be hard to fit your workout into your schedule. Your evenings can get filled with deadlines, meetings, and spur of the moment events. These tips can help you get your workout done in the morning!

How Stress Causes Carb Cravings – Robb Wolf (@robbwolf)

Stress takes a huge toll on our bodies, both mentally and physically. It can also take affect our appetites, what we eat, and how much we consume.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Spring Fitness Routing on Track – Cheat Sheet

Getting a jump on your fitness routine during the spring can have you looking fit and radiating this summer. Follow these tips to help you stick to your fitness regimens.

Best Memory Advice? Exercise, Stimulating Hobbies – USA Today (@JuliaSavacool)

Exercise can play an important role in preventing Alzheimer’s. Along with stimulating hobbies, exercise can help keep your mind and memory sharp.

Nutrition 101: Here’s What You Need to Know About Protein – The Daily Meal (@KColladoCook)

Eating healthy can be hard, especially when it comes to learning what a balanced diet looks like. Protein is a crucial part of any healthy diet and this article has everything you need to know about how protein interacts with the body and what food sources you can get it from.


5 on Productivity

The top stories in productivity:

10 Habits Successful People Give Up to Increase Their Productivity – Lifehack (@WhyDontUChange)

Success does not happen by accident. If you want to succeed you have to work for it. Learn these habits that successful people have given up, if you want to reach your own level of success.

This One Strategy Can Help You Stick With Your Good Habits Every Day – Entrepreneur (@james_clear)

Good habits and motivation can be keys to productivity and success. This single strategy can help you stay with the good habits you already have and increase your productivity.

6 Successful Startups Share Their Favorite Productivity Apps – Solid (@thibautdavoult)

There are a lot of great companies out there using a lot of great productivity apps to help their companies run. Individuals from 6 companies share their favorite productivity apps.

4 Productivity Books That Can Help You Get More Done – Fast Company (@aptaube)

You can’t add more hours to your day or necessarily hire an assistant, but you can improve your time-management and productivity skills by checking out some of these books.

21 Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability, and Success – Entrepreneur (@sujanpatel)

Apps have provided us with numerous tools for increasing our productivity. Sometimes an effective strategy or technique is not enough to reach your goals. These app suggestions are worth considering adding to your toolbox.

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This Tiny Sensor Turns Your Thumbnail Into a Trackpad – TechCrunch (@johnbiggs)

NailO is a wearable sensor that sits on your thumbnail and acts as a trackpad. It can be quite useful when cooking, walking, or doing any hand intensive work.

New Dark-Web Market is Selling Zero-Day Exploits to Hackers – Wired (@a_greenberg)

Under the cover of the dark-web’s anonymity protections has emerged a new marketplace for selling zero-day exploits.

The US Navy is Giving up on Fighter Pilots and Turning to Drones – The Verge (@richmcc)

The US Navy is going to stop using manned jets in the coming years and switch over to drones. This would allow the navy to develop new fighter crafts without having to worry about pilot safety.

The $25 Million Fine Isn’t the Real AT&T-FCC Story – TechCrunch (@jtrevorhughes)

Stop focusing on the monetary pay out in the FCC’s agreement with AT&T for a data privacy lapse. There is much more to the story.

Google Falls From Grace – Mashable (@sfiegerman)

Google is having a bad year. Yes the same Google that dominates search and Android phones. However, Google is not doomed, it’s just in for a fight.




5 on Health

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Health Tips from 10 Top Corporate Wellness Programs – Shape (@markhamh)

Check out these corporate wellness programs and healthy perks that encourage workers to stay healthy even while working late.

17 Ways to Burn More Calories All Day – Health

These stealth ways of losing weight can help you burn calories all day long. You can lose more weight in less time with these tips.

Simple Ways to Boost Nutrition – Dallas News (@KimP_FoodWine)

The secret to nutrition success is picking and choosing what foods work for you and slowly making more changes over time. These tips can help you make what you’re eating better for you.

Brown Rice: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts – Live Science (@JessieSzalay)

Brown rice is one of the healthiest types of rice; it’s good for heart health, digestion, energy, lower cholesterol levels, lowered risk of cancer and diabetes, and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Can Exercise Help Cure Anxiety? – Yahoo Health (@KorinMiller)

Lena Dunham’s recent Instagram post is another recommendation for anxiety sufferers to exercise consistently. Just five minutes of exercise can lessen the effects of anxiety.