5 on Health

The top 5 stories in health:

7 Tips for Healthy (Enough) Eating on Vacation – US News & World Report (@kerigans)

It can be hard to eat healthy when your on vacation and away from your kitchen. These tips from Keri Gans can help you stick to your nutrition goals when you’re away.

Love Coffee? Your Heart May Too – MedicineNet

Drinking coffee might actually help reduce your risk for a heart attack. Maybe it’s a good idea to grab another cup of joe.

Top 3 Personal Health Tips From the Founders of Elysium – xconomy (@gthuang)

The founders of Elysium share their tips for personal health success. These tips can help you improve your health and wellness.

Here’s How to Keep Pizza, Brownies, More as Part of Your Healthy Diet This National Nutrition Month – Huffington Post (@NancyatHeart)

You really can eat pizza and brownies and still be healthy, this article from Nancy Brown tells you how.

The Fruit That Delivers a Whole Package of Nutrition for Your Bones – One Green Planet (@TheSoulfulSpoon)

Prunes are very dense in nutrition and can have wonderful benefits for your body. Heather McClees explains why this natural superfood is great for your health.


5 on Productivity

The top 5 stories in productivity:

The 5 Popular Habits of Happy and Successful People – Pick The Brain (@ThinkNowLiveNow)

How many of these habits do you share in common with happy and successful people? Incorporating some of these habits into your own life can bring many benefits.

How to Make Over Your Work Day For Better Productivity – Body and Soul

These simple tricks can help you tackle your workload faster and increase your productivity.

50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brain Power – Inc. (@jboitnott)

The brain is a muscle, which requires regular exercise. These tips can help you strengthen your brain’s abilities.

9 Tips For the Shortest and Most Productive Meetings Possible – The Better Communicator (@dfolkerson)

Meetings can be long and unproductive, but these tips from David Folkerson can help you get the most out of your meetings.

Winning the Day Starts With Winning the Morning – Entrepreneur (@MaTt_MaYbErRy)

Having a morning routine can help you be more effective throughout the day. These tips can help you make your morning routine more effective.



5 on Tech

How Do Big Data Analytics Enhance Network Security – Forbes

Big data and analytics can help protect networks. Companies can use this to quickly detect and remove threats.

With the Internet of Things, Brands Can Take Marketing to the Next Level – Mashable (@Lfeld824)

The ‘Internet of Things’ is going to change marketing and marketers need to be of the services at their disposal to maximize their marketing efforts.

The Internet of Anything: This Wearable Could Keep You From Throwing Out Your Back – Wired (@klintron)

This wearable can help warehouse workers from straining themselves while performing the heavy lifting their work requires.

Bionic Eye Implant Let’s a Blind Man See His Wife for the First Time in 10 Years – Mashable (@bkurbs)

This highly advanced wearable technology has given this blind man the ability to see once again!

How Google’s Silence Helped Net Neutrality Win – Wired (@bobmcmillan)

Despite Google having spent one of the largest amounts of money on lobbying on net neutrality, the company’s silence might have helped secure the victory for net neutrality.

5 on Health

Here are this week’s top stories in health and fitness:

10 Healthy Veggie Snack Recipes Packed With Flavor – Health (@muhTHIGHess)

These snack recipes are healthier and much more satisfying than that bag of chips from the vending machine.

Nutrition for a Healthy Brain – Marshfield News-Herald

Making healthier food choices not only lowers our risk for heart disease and diabetes, it also improves our brain’s health.

Wearables for Good: UNICEF Kid Power Promotes Fitness and Saving Lives – Mashable (@mattpetronzio)

UNICEF is using wearable technology to promote a youth-focused initiative on health and fitness.

Studies Find Exercise is the Best Medicine for Many Ills – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

More and more research is showing the benefits of exercise. Doctor’s are already starting to prescribe exercise into daily routines as a cheap and effective treatment for ailments and diseases.

Make Your Fitness Tracker Work For You Not Against You – ESPN (@CDGoyanes)

Fitness trackers and wearables can provide valuable insights to help you live a healthier lifestyle, but its important to understand their limitations and utilize them to accomplish your goals.

5 on Productivity

This week’s top 5 stories in productivity:

How We Work, 2015: Whitson Gordon’s Gear and Productivity Tips – Lifehacker (@WhitsonGordon)

Whitson Gordon, from Lifehacker, shares his gear and productivity tips. Check out his workspace setup, software tools, and other life hacks.

20 Online and App Resources to Help You Boost and Improve Productivity – Lifehack (@IvanDSEO)

These apps can help you increase your workplace productivity and improve your workflow!

3 Strategies to Maximize Your Time – Entrepreneur (@JeffBoss9)

Managing your time is all about knowing what you want to do and when you will do it. Jeff Boss shares his tips for successfully managing your time.

How Power Affects Your Productivity – Harvard Business Review (@anniemckee)

How organizations and individuals handle power can affect the productivity of themselves and those around them. Wielding power in a positive manner can bring great benefits to your team.

How to Get More Done Based on Your Productivity Style – Business Insider (@thecarsontate)

One size does not fit all when it comes to productivity. Your productivity style can help you identify certain patterns of behavior that affect your work.

5 on Tech

This week’s top tech stories: IoT, Wearables, and Security

Running on Data: Activity Trackers and the Internet of Things – Forbes (@tdav and @johnlucker)

The ‘Internet of Things’ has a greater potential once standardized data and the analysis of and action on collected information is integrated into the system.

How Businesses Are Putting Wearables to Work – Venture Beat

Wearable technology is a huge opportunity for organizations trying to increase productivity and efficiency, while connecting with customers, partners, and employees in meaningful ways.

The Root of the Problem: How to Prevent Security Breaches – Wired

The past several months have seen its share of security breaches. What’s causing these data security problems? How can these breaches be avoided?

The Anonymity Network at Risk – Tech Crunch

There are many reasons that someone would want to remain anonymous on the Internet, but programs such as TOR have a tough road ahead.

Google Wants to Stop the US From Spying on Computers Worldwide – The Next Web (@aghoshal)

Google is concerned over proposed changes that would allow the US government to hack into and spy on computing devices around the world.

5 on Health

The top 5 health, fitness, and nutrition stories of the week!

8 Food Hacks That Help Your Health – Men’s Health (@KDomonell)

Eating right makes you healthier, but these 8 foods also help you fight health issues such as bad breath and bloating!

12 Steps to Better Sleep – Shape

This 12 step program can help you improve you sleep and maximize the health benefits that come with it.

7 Ways Exercise Makes You Smarter – Fitness Magazine (@kafetters)

From memory to processing to focus, exercise can improve your brain’s functioning and performance.

7 Surprising Secrets to Eating Out Healthy – Health

Making healthier choices when eating out can often be a challenge, but these tips can help!

How Mindfulness Can Jumpstart Our Exercise Routines – The New York Times (@GretchenReynold)

Using mindfulness based practices when it comes to exercise can help you bring a new level of intensity to your workouts!

5 on Productivity

The top 5 productivity stories of the week!

How to Overcome Procrastination – Why Being Lazy

These 7 simple methods can help you overcome procrastination and help you accomplish the things you need to get done.

10 Steps to Increasing Your Productivity in a Startup – Paymill (@kpgrio)

Working for a startup means wearing a lot of hats and balancing many different tasks. These tips can help you perform at your best while working for a startup!

Time Management is Really Life Management – Entrepreneur (@MaTt_MaYbErRy)

Time management can do more than just increase your productivity, it can provide health benefits such as stress reduction.

33 Ways to be an Insanely Productive, Happy Balanced Person – Thought Catalog (@RyanHoliday)

Increase your productivity in a healthy, effective, and balanced way. Ryan Holiday shares some tips he’s picked up from his experiences and some he’s stolen from others.

6 Ways to Make Sure Every Meeting is a Productive One – Entrepreneur (@craigcin)

Time is everything and making sure that your meetings are productive means that everyone involved gets the most out of their time.



5 on Tech

Wearables, Big Data, and the ‘Internet of Things’. Here is this week’s top 5 in tech:

How The Internet of Things Will Be The World’s Most Massive Device Market and Save Companies Billions of Dollars – Business Insider (@JPGreenough)

This article discusses how the ‘Internet of Things’ will continue to grow and be embraced by various sectors of the economy.

Using Wearable Data to Improve City Living – All Voices (@Clintockin)

Big Data and Wearables will provide cities with valuable insights into how people live and move through them. Could this be the beginning of the smart cities?

Google’s Secret Weapon in the Battle for the Internet of Things: Academia – Fast Company (@tinamirtha)

The ‘Internet of Things’ is still pretty new and a largely unexplored area. Google is employing the hands of academics to help learn about this new space.

Wearables Are Coming to the Workplace – CNBC (@tdichristopher)

Wearables can help employees optimize their time and improve customer experience. How will wearables continue to be integrated in the workplace?

Big Data, IoT, Wearables: A Connected World With Intelligence – Data Science Central

People want to know more about the world around them; Big Data, IoT, and Wearables are giving people the power to do just that.



5 on Health

Take control of your health and fitness with the top 5 health stories of the week!

That Glass of Merlot May Not Actually Be Good for Your Health – Bloomberg (@Ostaley)

New studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption may not be as beneficial as previously thought. In particular, low-levels of alcohol do not protect against cardiovascular disease.

Here’s Your Health Excuse to Take a Nap – Time (@acsifferlin)

Research suggests that taking a nap can help restore unbalanced hormone levels and improve your immune system! Though it’s better if you can get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

5 Reinvention Steps to Actually Fulfill Your New Fitness Goals – The Huffington Post (@johntarnoff)

Have your New Year’s resolutions to get back to the gym failed? Reinvention can help you find the methods and routines that work for you.

Eat Healthy for Less – Post Crescent (@Wallenfang)

Many health insurers offer incentives and discounts for purchasing healthy foods. Check with your insurer to see if they offer a similar type of program.

How to Make Exercise a Habit – The Guardian (@lisabuckingham1)

Creating effective exercise habits can help you establish new fitness behaviors and keep yourself healthy!